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Zemco Asphalt
in detail
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With years of experience – particularly in government sector projects – Zemco is a leader in the Cyprus asphalt industry, operating the very latest plant and machinery. Zemco Asphalt Works is strategically located next to Skyramont quarry, Parekklisia – a highly efficient, best-quality aggregate producer - so we do not experience supply problems, and raw aggregates are always available for us to meet production deadlines. Our milling plants produce precise grades of aggregates and this ensures exactly the right composition of finished asphalt.

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We have a proud reputation for reliability. Zemco Asphalt Works production and laying teams are experts in their fields. Years of experience and skill combine to guarantee customers the very best result, on time and in budget. We are also known for our flexibility; we are able to respond quickly and can undertake small- or large-scale jobs. We arrive on time to begin a job, and we work long and hard to complete the task. You can rely on Zemco.

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It's not just quantity and reliability that are important, quality also counts. We produce asphalt mixes to precise client specifications – and all are tested in laboratories to make certain that they fully meet application requirements. Zemco operates in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 QMS, and all plant meets the European CE standards. Zemco Asphalt guarantees that its products conform to specifications – and what is more, we assure clients that Zemco asphalt will give maximum performance. Now that's confidence.

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It's not just asphalt production that we excel in. We are experts in all aspects of the production and laying of infrastructure construction including:

  • New road construction
  • Highway and hard-standing resurfacing
  • Residential and commercial development service roads
  • Complete project infrastructure laying
  • Removing and carefully disposing of existing materials
  • Hardcore laying for any type of application
  • Waste recycling – subject to government approval

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Our highly skilled asphalt specialist will be pleased to offer a full on-site or off-site consultation. We will give guidance and advice that is relevant to a physical location or specific application.


Business is hard, everyone is looking for the best value for money. We understand that. That's why Zemco asphalt represents a real cost-effective solution. Zemco customers get top-quality, high-performance asphalt, delivered on time and professionally laid. We promise that you won't get a better overall package anywhere. You have our word for it.

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